Posing Coaching

Posing Coaching

I offer posing coaching as an add on service to my competition prep coaching for all categories male & female.

This is essential to show your physique to it’s best once you get on stage.


1 2 1 Posing Coaching

I do this based in York. Sessions are £50 per hour or £100 for a 2.5 hour session. Our first session needs to be a 2.5 hour session. Covering the walk, twalk poses, comparisons poses

Members only.

Online Posing Coaching

We cover all the same aspects but it is done via skype calls and videos sent back and forth. This is charged at the introductory rate of £50 per month. With once a week video check ins. Covering the walk, twalk poses, comparisons poses. Members only.

Group Posing & Confidence Classes & Mock Shows.

Once you have got used to the basics it is essential to do posing in a group environment. We will replicate the show day and I will give tips on how to overcome fears and show your personality on stage as well as instruct you on what to expect. £50 per session for non members, £30 for members.