My Protein Supplements
My Protein Supplements


My Protein Supplements

Let me start by saying that I don’t want people breaking the bank if money is tight, thinking that they can’t get in shape without the use of supplements because you can.
You don’t have to spend a lot on supplements if budget is an issue. Food always comes first & supplements are just that… a “supplement”.
The main thing needed for body shape changes is to get the big things like carbohydrate, protein and fats intake correct with good food choices and clever timing.
This can pretty much be done with potatoes, rice, chicken, fish and a few fat sources plus veg. But it’s boring and not ideal.
Things like whey protein powder and clycic dextrin may be considered supplements but are actually excellent food choices to get protein and carbohydrate into your body in the fastest most efficient way possible with easier digestion around a workout. So I do not really consider whey protein and cyclic dextrin supplements in that sense.
Things which I would consider supplements like pre workouts energy drinks can give you an edge in performance, results and provide motivation. And since we don’t spend much money on junk food etc hopefully we can justify spending a little to get the best results possible.
So personally I use all the items on this list and recommend them to my clients but I don’t want you to struggle if it’s an issue.

My Protein
Cards on the table 🙂
I won’t pull the wool over your eyes My Protein sponsor me so I get brownie points for recommending my clients to them when you click my link (not when you use my code).
But I mean it when I say I have been getting sponsorship offers for a couple of years before I accepted this one and I chose to say no to them all because I was not willing to use the products and or refer my clients on to them due to limitations in the range, quality or being over priced.
I waited until a company I believed in came along.
I have chosen to partner with My Protein products because they have the perfect balance of high quality products at an affordable price due to the scale of the operation.
If you compare the prices against some of the glamorous bodybuilding brands they are great value.
For instance the Impact Whey Protein Isolate gets a review of 9.6 out of 10 on
They are regularly independently tested by LABDOOR to ensure you are buying what you think you are buying. Lots of small companies make false claims on their labels.
They are backed by Informed Sport to ensure that no banned substances find their way into the products. This is more common than you would think.
Discount Code & Price
Follow my link (My Protein) and enter CG30 at the checkout for 30% off your purchase. You will probably find they run promotions like 50% off on certain ranges. Sometimes it’s better to use that, or sometimes it’s better to get 30% off the full range with my code. Do whatever gives you the best value.

Full Range Covering All Your Needs
I also recommend My Protein because it is the only company which supplies all the products on my plans which you won’t find in the super market (and many which you will but at a higher price).
Niche Products
They even do niche products which I switch to from time to time like Dairy free & vegan
protein powders. See here: Vegan Range