The purpose of your intra workout shake is to keep your muscles hydrated, because unless a muscle is fully hydrated it cannot perform efficient contractions, as we shuttle water into the muscles it provides an excellent opportunity for us to shuttle nutrients to your muscles which will then aid with performance and recovery.

Choose all of these non flavoured, then choose the glutamine flavoured or it wont be drinkable. Unless you are crazy ha

Intra Workout Carbs / Cyclic Dextrin

The most essential intra workout item in your plan is the cyclic dextrin.

This is a carbohydrate powder so is a macro nutrient which gives energy. If you skip this product when I have factored in those carbs on your meal plan you will be too low on carbs for the day and this will have a negative effect on recovery, building muscle, but also when we come to cut it will mean we have less carbs to cut from your diet to drop bodyfat. So never go without the cyclic dextrin.

Cyclic dextrin is more expensive than carbohydrate powders like maltodextrin. But there is a reason. It’s produced using a unique enzyme making it more soluble / stable in water, clears the gut faster and therefore doesnt clog the gut up causing gastric emptying and provides a more sustained energy source without increasing blood sugar.

If you live abroad and cannot source cyclic dextrin you can use Vitargo or Karbolyn.



If budget is a huge issue then you can try maltodextrin. But if you ever have digestive issues I would recommend sticking with cyclic dextrin as it causes much less stress on the gut.

Also the lower the quantity of intra workout carbs you are having the less you are likely to need one which is easier on the gut. So if you are a big guy on 100g of intra carbs you are probably going to need cyclic dextrin. Even though it is unfair because the more you use, the more of an issue cost is going to be.


Intra Workout Protein

Pepto Pro is the best intra workout protein to use because it is the easiest for your body to absorb.

It is however expensive. And not quite as important as the cyclic dextrin. So if you needed to save money on one of them make it this rather than the cyclic dextrin.



if cost is an issue you can use Hydrosolised Protein, which is better for absorbtion than whey isolate but not as good as Pepto Pro


Essential Amino Acids.

If you don’t want to use either of these then go with Essential Amino Acids, they are not in the same league & you are making a sacrifice but it will help somewhat. You can even use a lower dose than specified of Peptopro or Hydrosolised and add EAAs.

I use pepto pro and some EAAs



Contractions / Pump

These products will help your body shuttle the fluids and the carbs and protein into your muscles so that they are more effective. You will also get a better pump.

These aren’t essential but they are also pretty cheap and a packet lasts a long time so you might as well have them.



BCAAs aren’t effective if you are consuming enough protein throughout the day. Which if you are on one of my plans you are. In fact pretty much anyone who cares enough to learn what BCAAs are is probably eating enough. I put them in some plans to flavour the intra workout as they are cheap at My Protein. But now they have flavours in the glutamine etc you don’t need the BCAAs.