The purpose of a pre workout drink should be to provide:

  • Hydration
  • A pump
  • Mental Focus

Use plenty of water and consume it 40 to 30 min before you train.

The mental focus side of things should be subtle enough that you get a boost for the gym. But you don’t want to be wired and then get a come down after. Caffeine has been proven time and again to give you performance benefits. So by all means take advantage of it..

But only use caffeine if:

  • You do not suffer from anxiety.
  • It does not affect your appetite post workout, as the most important thing is that you feed your body. And we have the biggest meal of the day post workout.
  • You are not training within 6 hours of going to bed. 6 hours after consuming caffeine half of the caffeine is still active in your system. And I need you to get 7 hours QUALITY sleep. You may feel you fall asleep still after having caffeine but your fitbit will likely tell you that the quality isn’t as good.

So choose a pre workout with some, but not a crazy amount of caffeine. And focus on things like notropics which will give you mental focus.

Then we want to make sure that it includes things which will give you a good pump. Enabling you to have well hydrated muscles with all the nutrients they need to perform optimally. Too many people focus on a pre workout that makes them high which is cheap and not enough on ingredients which do this which are pretty expensive.

I recommend something like the 5% brand “Kill It”

If you get anxiety or are training late you can try Mentality from 5%. This has no caffeine or stimulants but does have the nootropics which give mental focus. Start on a low dosage though. And combine this with a stimulant free pre workout with gives a good pump.

Or instead of a stim free pre workout use the taurine, creatine, electrolytes and glutamine from your intra workout combined with some beta alanine and the Mentality. (very useful for hydration & muscular contractions) (very useful for hydration & muscular contractions) (very useful for hydration & muscular contractions)